Dry Film Thickness

Dial Micrometer

Ames Micrometer with pouch
Ames Micrometer

Measure the thickness of disbonded paint chip samples or verify the thickness of plastic shims using this small, portable, precision, spring-loaded dial micrometer manufactured by Ames. A secondary inner dial counts the number of revolutions of the outer dial. Two models are available; one graduated in mils and the other graduated in 0.5 mil increments. Accuracy is +/- 1 scale division. Complete with leather pouch. Note: Not for use with Testex Replica Tape. Made in the USA.

Manufacturer: Ames
SKU: 000019

Model Model Nr. Range/Size Price Qty
A/25 (graduated in mils) 212145 0-5/16" $156.00
A/252 (graduated in 1/2 mils) 212150 0-5/16" $168.00